Six of ARIEL

Six of ARIEL:

“Six of Ariel” is a Minor Arcana “Earth” card that is all about abundance, gratitude, and charity.

Here we have a beautiful Angel with rainbow light above her head.

She is surrounded by an abundance of fruit that is literally overflowing.

She has more than enough for herself and to give to those in need.

She is “balanced” as the two hanging baskets of fruit represent, and she is happy and content.

So, either YOU have come into this place of abundance where you can offer gifts of your time, efforts, or money to those in need OR you are about to receive these gifts.

This card is really about having your material needs met (rather than say your emotional needs), so if you are the one in need right now, then this is a sign that you are going to receive the help you have been praying for.

This could be coming in the form of not only a “gift” from someone but a salary increase or promotion, a grant or scholarship, or a much needed loan.

So, this is a very happy card that is asking us to be open to giving and receiving, and to do both with unconditional love in our hearts.

So, this week please share your gifts of abundance if even it be a compassionate smile or a kind word as this could literally change a person’s life!

Sometimes the smallest “gifts” are the most rewarding and bring both the giver and receiver the greatest blessings!

And, if you are the receiver, then please accept this kindness with gratitude and pride, and know that soon you will be the one paying it forward and helping others.

As always, please ask God and the Angels to continuously guide YOU as you proceed on your journey.

Thanks be to God, our Creator, for giving us this beautiful experience called “life.”




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