This Situation Is Already RESOLVED

This Situation Is Already RESOLVED:

There is a lot of doubt about the path you’re walking upon.

There might be some situations making your head spin or literally sending you to a different path.

You might be feeling nothing is certain but be assured this situation has been resolved.

The more you try to hold on the expected outcomes; the more it is difficult adjusting to the new path.

Although, nothing is certain but always know this, you guys are always watched after.

You are also guided to make courageous choices that sustain your highest being and purpose. You are definitely on the right path.

You are chosen to reincarnate for a reason. You have a vast of wisdom.

A vast of wisdom learned over the past lifetime(s).

There’s nothing that you cannot handle because you’ve been through a similar experience in the past and you got through it.

Again, there is nothing that you cannot handle because God knows your strength.

He believes that you’ll be able to find solutions from going within your soul that has been through thousands and thousands of trials.

He also believes you’ll be able to adapt quickly because soon, you’ll receive an insight that within a difficult situation, there is an opportunity for growth.

A opportunity that allows you to live out your purpose courageously.

Stay positive. Believe in positivity.

Create positive thoughts. Nothing is impossible without faith.

Many blessings



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  2. Thankyou for the message just what I wanted to here from Janet wrigbt

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