Simplefy your life Daisy

Simplefy your life Daisy: Your angel guides are desiring that you take care of your first!

Have you got so much going on that you are feeling the crush?

The crush of all this stuff coming down on your shoulders is this causing some sleepless nights?

Is your energy dragging and you feel so whipped that when you go to sleep you cannot settle down?

Time to ground yourself and take care of your needs which is your health both mental and physical.

Have you been thinking of buying yourself some daises?

Does the thought of daises make you smile?

You can take a walk to the flower shop and buy yourself a bunch of sweet daises or pick some from your garden as this will ground you.

Flowers are very healing and loving and are part of Mother Earth.

As you hold your daises in your hand see your self with roots from your feet going into the soil, deep roots going deep into Mother Earth.

As you ground yourself your energy level will increase and you will be able to focus much better on yourself.

As you focus get a feel for prioritizing your “stuff” and that will keep you from spreading yourself to “thin!”

Ahhhhh now doesn’t that feel so much better?

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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