Shield Yourself – Bougainvillea

Shield Yourself – Bougainvillea:

You might be surrounded by negative people, who always see things thru their darkest possible sides.

Although you may not be able to force them to change, you can prevent their energy and emotions from affecting you.

The simplest way is to display a loving outlook, and by doing so you will inspire others to join you.

If you look past the drama and maintain a sense of peace, you will succeed in protecting yourself!

Remember that the lower vibrations like; competition, anger, jealousy, irritation and disappointment lead to the path of pain.

This in turn may affect your sensitive body by absorbing some of these negative energies.

By shielding yourself you will bring the calm healing that you need.

This will make you feel safe, and others around you will feel better too.

The situation you are currently in, will resolve itself soon.

To manifest a positive outcome, visualize yourself surrounded by a glowing white light with the Angels, the Archangels and the Fairies surrounding you.

Feel the protective energy of the Bougainvillea wrap around you, ensuring your safety.

You can protect yourself daily with an energy shield by calling upon Archangel Michael to clear away all negativity.


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