Shield Yourself, Protect YourSelf From Harsh

Shield Yourself: Since the all the energies around you have caused you to have fear and frustration you have asked Archangel Michael for assistance.

He desires that you shield yourself as you have been around fear based as well as harsh

energies and these energies have “attached” themselves to you and you are “reacting ” to these.

Have you been feeling low on energy lately?

Have you been around others who feel the same way?

Are you feeling short tempered and unhappy lately?

Do you feel like just staying home under your covers and not getting out of bed?

There is much negativity in the world and with all of this negative energy flying all

around you it is throwing you off balance which is making you feel low on energy.

Before you leave from home for work, school, shopping or running errands ask this loving angel to

surround you in his blue loving light of protection see your self in a cocoon of his light.

As you surround your self in this loving cocoon feel the peace and love filling your body.

As this loving positive energy flows around and through you, your balance will be back to “normal.”

Your more focused now and have a lightness to you step and a smile on your face!

As you leave your home all the harsh noises and energies out there will not affect you since you have this angel light protecting you.

When you start feeling the low energy again please stop and ask for the angel light to surround you, do this as needed.

The more you stay protected the healthier, stronger, more focused and balanced you will be.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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