Shiel Yourself From Archangel Michael

Shiel Yourself:

Prayer: Archangel Michael, I ask you to protect me, my loved ones, my vehicle, and my home with your powerful shield.

Surround us in your purple light, which allows only pure love to penetrate.

Please stay with me day and night, and keep my loved ones safe (name specific people or situations).

This card comes to let you know that you are getting more and more sensitive to the energies around you.

During these times of great changes, the veils between worlds are getting thinner, and so it is very important that you energetically shield and protect yourself.

I just recently watched a video from psychic-medium, John Edward. In it, he described how he had started taping shows,

and as they aired on the TV, he would get very drained and have all sorts of issues.

He spoke with a friend/mentor who clarified for him that when all those people are watching him on TV, no matter where they are, or what time it is, they are tapping into his energy.

Even though it’s just a tape they are watching, his energy gets drained from it. With that,

he learned a very important lesson on keeping himself shielded, no matter when, where, or what time of day.

Besides asking for the help of Archangel Michael, one way I love to shield is to visualize myself within a giant crystal sphere.

You can use any crystal you are guided or drawn to.

On normal days, where I am not facing anything harsh or unsettling, I love to use Rose Quartz for shielding.

The colors and energy from it help keep me uplifted, protected and feeling very loved and cozy.

Yet because of the beautiful, swirling hues of pinks, it does not completely close me off to others, it just ensures only loving, positive energies can come and go from me.

Try different crystals to see what feels right for you under different circumstances.

Make sure you also stay grounded and hydrated, as this is very important to keep your own energy clear and flowing.

Try to avoid situations and people that are harsh or competitive. Keep clear of any places that can attract lower energies, like bars and clubs, or anywhere chemicals may be abused.

Surround yourself with soft colors and sounds, and spend time with people who are calm and gentle.

And believe it or not, just sitting with and petting your happy and purring kitty is always a great way to center and shield.

Sensitivity seems to always get such negative connotations attached to it.

Like when someone says “your just being sensitive!”, they make it sound like an insult and that you are weak and in some way wrong because of it.

This is far from the truth! In that sensitivity, you are very strong and there is nothing wrong with

you being awake and aware of the energies swirling around us and how they do affect each and every one of us, whether some can admit to it or not.

Embrace your sensitivity and feel blessed because of it and just make sure you are shielded and protected.


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