Shark, “Trust Your Instincts”

Shark: Have you been thinking, seeing or dreaming of sharks lately?

This is coming to you for your guides are letting you know that this is your animal totem for this challenge that you are facing.

Are you going through a situation that has you caught in a web of deceit?

Did you know that you are intuitive and those gut feeling you are having

about this particular situation are REAL so trust in what you FEEL and go for it.

The shark is a very smart animal and very cunning with a great sense of smell and knowing.

Did you know that the shark is a survivor because of his skill of smelling and awareness?

so you can change your situation by tuning into your intuition

and you will know what to do to get your self out of that web of deceit and

have that sense of knowing as the shark you are a true survivor,

now take back your power!

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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