Sense Of HUMOR

Sense Of HUMOR:

As soon as I woke up this morning, this image of this AA Michael came across my mind.

Not to my surprise this same card wanted to come out.

Now this calls to raise our vibrations as we have devote our energy on moving energies and removing lower energies.

A lot of emotions had been stirred in past few weeks.

Yes, the light at the end of tunnel is near.

It is good timing to work with the law of attraction to thrust us forward to the light.

There are positive opportunities to push us to go with new plans.

This card also indicates to relax and learn to laugh again.

You’ve done amazing work on yourself.

While working on ourselves, we became serious and forgot to enjoy the present moment.

Your head have been lower lately but now it is time to lift your chin and look up.

You’ll see refreshing outlook on everything that seems to be routine but not anymore.

Enjoy small positive gestures coming your way and soon, you’ll forget the painful and emotional experience. Y

our faith will be increased and become hopeful for new YOU.

Many blessings to you.


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