Self-Forgiveness, Let go of old guilt

Self-Forgiveness: Forgiving yourself is a powerful energy that assists with releasing fears and accepting Love in your heart.

Please know that you are not defined by your past.

It’s a matter of being present. In forgiveness, you are opening up a flow of Divine Love into your energy.

With Love infusing your heart, it is healing your wounds especially your femininity.

Healing femininity wounds help you to embrace your emotions and nurturing yourself back to health.

Wounds were not holding you back because the answer you seek lies in it.

Forgiveness allows you to see through the wounds and finding your personal power.

It is showing you how to dream big and how to reach your higher self.

Self-forgiveness is also self-love.

Accept Love and you’ll see how to utilize Love in bringing you blessings you deserve.

Do not doubt yourself or your intuition.

You know exactly what to do.

Embrace who you are and go for it with courageous.

Nancy Fortier psychic Medium


  • The cards are amazing! It’s like they are directed to me alone. I am listening! And doing the work that is needed? Not easy, however I am glad I have finally come to this place in my life. Thank you Nancy for helping me in that direction.

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