Seeking And Finding

Seeking And Finding: Your angel guides ask that you listen to your inner voice because all that you seek is in you already!

Are you constantly looking for something but can never find it?

Your angels ask what are you seeking dear one?

Did you know that when you believe in YOU then you have already found what you seek?

Having fear, doubt and worry will block you from ever finding what you desire.

Having faith, trust and belief in your self will bring to you what you desire as in seeking and finding!

The angel for finding is the love angel Chamuel,

he will guide you to love and believe in your self.

As you are looking for a new home ,

or job or new car or new relationship do it with love and a positive happy attitude as you “throw”

love and joy into what you are looking for the universe will bring you exactly what you desire!

So let the worry, doubt and the fear go and feel the happiness and joy and love in your heart!

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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