Seek The TRUTH

Seek The TRUTH:

Ohhhh I so love this card coming up after yesterday’s.

I feel like some of you might be questioning a little with who you really are, what does stepping into your authenticity really look like for you?

I can’t tell you that unfortunately,

because it’s going to be different for everyone.

This card is telling you that you need to go within and use your intuition to feel out what is right for you and what isn’t.

It might mean evaluating relationships and letting go of some of the ones that are no longer feeding your soul.

It may mean taking a look at your spiritual journey so far and decide if you want to change it up somehow.

It may mean moving to a new place, or looking into a new career.

Whatever jives with you, whatever feels right in your gut, do that. Be true to that and you will be on your way!


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