See the Other Person’s Point of VIEW

See the Other Person’s Point of VIEW:

Today I was guided to turn to Ascended Masters. There is a very gentle yet important message that they have for everyone.

They say, that you have been carrying very strong emotions within you.

Like being used, or misunderstood or not being treated as per your expectations, and you have been very upset about the same.

This message comes to you as a guidance, a door opener to peace.

They are asking you to see the other person’s point of view to the situation.

You may see the event from your side, and at the same time, there exists another side of it too –

which obviously you are not aware.

That’s the reason you have been upset.

It’s purely up to you to agree or disagree with whatever it is.

But by having an understanding about what might have happened and understanding the motivation behind it, will make things shift to another level.

Which brings positivity and Peace for everyone involved.

Let go of power struggle and the need to be right.

Have compassion for others involved. You will open the doors of creative solutions for everyone.

Pray to God and Angels, to guide you through this…

When we ask for success – we need to go through this process of recognizing, understanding, letting go…of all that which does not suit your reality which you want to manifest.

So go through the process with Grace and Gratitude.

Your angels are guiding you at every step of it.

Let go of the past. Forgive the hurts. Start fresh ✨✨✨

Love, light and Peace ✨


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