SANCTUARY Privacy, Inviolate personal space


There is currently no space at all, it seems, for you.

Even in the bathroom you are likely to be called upon, observed or interrupted.

It is time for you and those with whom you share your life to have a discussion about the needs you have at this time for time-out —

and make a decision on when that will be, and then set the boundaries.

The mermaids feel you are very much in need of this space — to grow, to be free

, to experiment, and to feel safe! At the moment,

it feels little like all you do and all the time you have and all you are belongs not to you

but to many others — there must be space and time for you alone.

If you ignore this desire for soulful time out, your soul’s needs will feel disrespected,

and that could lead to emotional discord.

You may be attempting to establish this sacred time out with an environment that does not respect those boundaries,

and sees them as strange or trivial.


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