SAINT GERMAIN Karma Releasing

SAINT GERMAIN Karma Releasing

The Ascended Master St Germain is guiding you since you asked for help with this negativity around you.

He can surround you in the Violet Flame which will transmute all negativity into the light, all you have to do is ask and envision this violet flame all around you.

Are you enmeshed in the negative drama and cannot find a way out?

Can you rise above this and create YOUR path that works best for you?

Are you constantly helping someone and they do not seem to listen nor want to get out of their drama?

This is their karma, not yours so do not be drawn into their drama.

You do not have to take that on, take care of your needs and rise above the fray.

As you use this violet flame more and more you will be able to be clear headed and follow your path, you are here to be that pillar of light!


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