Rose Quartz, healing of your heart chakra

Rose Quartz: Your crystal angel guides desire that you envision or hold a rose quartz crystal to your heart.

Did you know that this loving crystal is for the healing of your heart chakra?

Have you been down on yourself and have not felt love for YOURSELF so you do not have love for anyone else either?

Can you envision yourself surrounded in the beautiful pink energy of this rose quartz stone ?

When you surround your self in this loving energy it brings into your heart a peacefulness, a calmness and total love.

Are you taking care of your heart or are you forgetting that your heart needs attention as well?

Going into your heart space during your meditation or prayer time will keep

your heart filled with love and keep this chakra healthy and in balance.

The rose quartz crystal is also a wonderful stone to place under your pillow for good dreams and restful sleep.

This loving stone is wonderful for you to have around

if you have children as this stone loves children and is very gentle for them to have

and hold as well and placed in their room for good dreams.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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