Romantic Feeling! Your feelings are real and worth exploring

Romantic Feeling!! Your feelings are real and worth exploring. ?

The stirrings you feel within your heart represent the song of love that is calling to you,

and now is the time for you to follow the pathway of those feelings and follow your heart.

You may have recently met someone who has made your heart leap and have been wondering whether to pursue them or not,

and this card comes as confirmation that the answer is yes

and you should take action by making your feelings known by flirting or asking them out on a date.

If this is not the case and you have been longing for more romance in your life then this card also comes as a sign to take charge of making it happen,

You can romance yourself by saying daily affirmations,

such as declaring that you are lovable and romantically loved,

treating yourself to a pampering session, buying yourself something nice or watching a romantic movie.

Remember the more love and romance you give to yourself,

the more you will attract and receive in return.

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