REMEMBRANCE, Resurfacing of past feeling and emotions


Sometimes when we least expect it, our past comes flooding back, almost like waves, hitting us from all sides at once.

Usually it happens from out of nowhere and we must deal with how that makes us feel.

Other times we get little hints, like a song on the radio, or we meet a total stranger in the street who happens to remind us of someone we used to know,

or someone wearing a particular scent. It’s often a tiny thing that sets it off.

It’s not always easy, can be quite overwhelming.

It doesn’t always happen when we’re ready for it, we may not even be emotionally ready for when it happens.

And then it hits us twice as hard and lingers for longer.

”I honor my past and every experience that has turned me into the person I am today.

But I also let go, with each passing day, more and more, of the hold my past has on me.

I will not re-live the hurt that has been.

I will not go through everything again.

I will not be consumed with old worries and unanswered questions.

I will allow every happy memory to fill me with a deep sense of love and strength

– and let the rest go.”


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