Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are:

This morning I drew this card; I personally like this card for you and me.

It is quite empowering yet assuring that everything will be okay as long as you remain true to yourself.

You might not know what’s the truest version of you but the kind of version where you are loving, caring, and compassionate.

The only way you can find more about who you are is through the interaction with others.

It is scary and/or uncomfortable opening up and sharing a vulnerable side of you with others due to unfortunate past experiences,

not being understood, not being accepted, not being loved, and/or not being respected for who you are.

However, those are only illusions.

Don’t allow it destroy one drop of hope you have for humanity and blessings.

Always honor your limits and boundaries but don’t lose yourself in your fears.

Remember who you are. It is somewhere in you. It is completely safe to allow it come out.

The secret to obtain blessings you are due for is BE YOU including that sweet and vulnerable side of you.

Begin with forgiving yourself for putting up a wall around your heart and vulnerability then you’ll be able to see LOVE in you and others.

Love yourself.

Many blessings ?


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