Religious Factors

Religious Factors:

I sense strong love and positive energy in the collective energies.

There is a shift in relationships.

As you are becoming awake and conscious of how your life has been influenced by the external environment, you are evolving to your higher self and no longer allow the society dictates your happiness.

When you are evolved, your relationships also evolved.

This is a point where you release your heavy past for good.

You will be moving on to a new space that is your own.

At that point, you can decide and choose people who you allow in your space.

In that space, you are aware of what you truly need and want out of relationship.

When you’re on a conscious path, you will be sent on a series of tests in relationships before finding a relationship that is for your highest and greatest good.

In the meantime, you will be raising your vibrations each time and eventually, you’ll meet a partner that match with your vibrations.

This card is also about honoring your boundaries and your right to express your truth about your needs from a love partner.

Your life is so precious like gold.

Your worthiness might be equivalent as that shining star you see during the night sky.

Don’t ever settle for less because you are WORTHY of the best kind of love, honor, and respect.

Show up with that beaming confidence and show others that you’re ready to share love

because your energy will become attractive and radiates far to a potential love partner who can sense the energy and want to follow that trail of love energy.

Many blessings <3


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