Release & Relax

Release & Relax:

I personally love this card. Not only that it has a beautiful artwork but it carries a beautiful energy.

As you can see, the angel is standing by the window feeling the fresh air. It is quite refreshing feeling.

Allowing the air sweep against your face, body, and mind, shifting your energy instantly from heavy to light.

The angel is also allowing the Mother Nature taking care of her, cleaning her energy.

If you could do the same thing, releasing your heavy energies that is weighting you down to the Universe.

You will feel lighter immediately.

This card also indicates that to give yourself an opportunity to give it up and let it go for good.

You might not be feeling deserving of happiness or a good life, thus, you’ve allow your ego fears get the best of you by holding on this anger you have within you.

You might think you deserve the not so good outcome or life because nothing has gone right, right? Angels are saying it’s not true or possible.

You need to believe and allow yourself to open to love.

You are very much loveable. You deserve love. You deserve the best kind of love. You also deserve all the happiness.

You just need to believe in your worthiness.

Let go of self-doubt, self-sabotage, anger, sadness, depression, worries, stress, and hurt to the Universe. You will be taken care of.

As you lift the cloud around you, it will become a sober feeling, seeing things clearly and differently.

It might be uncomfortable as you’re no longer in a comfort zone but relief will overwhelm you soon.

You might be feeling emotional as well but it’s the love you’re feeling. Allow it heals you. Choose to replace anger with love.

Many blessings


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