A Relationship That Continue To Grow Closer

A Relationship That Continue To Grow Closer;

Two of Water (Cups)

Have you been practicing what you preach? Better yet, have you been kind to yourself and others?

If not, that indicates you are learning a great about yourself and what matters to you.

Your self-worth might be in question whether it is based on the perspective of self-worth or based on others’ perspective of worthiness.

Are you really receiving or receiving based on what you think you deserve?

What you give is also what you receive. That’s the basic law of karma.

There is a need to take another look at different aspects of your life whether they’re receiving enough love or attention.

You might be facing your own shadows this week in the matters of self-love, self-care, and intimacy.

In the shadows, you are going to see the old patterns or wounds that might be a factor in your perspective of self especially in intimate relationships and with self.

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