Queen of EARTH

Queen of EARTH:

Vulnerability plays a role in repairing relationships.

The word of ‘vulnerability’ are misinterpreted and misunderstand. It is not a ‘weakness’ but

rather a sign of courage of allowing others to see through you and lifting the wall up like a garage door.

Behind the garage door, there are a lot of valuables and memories that can rebuild broken relationships- family, friends, or love partner.

When you share those valuables with people who you love and care deeply, they will also see your genuine intentions and heart.

Your vulnerability is your biggest asset in attaining a rich life with Love, gifts, and blessings.

This might be your new paradigm as you’re getting rid of old patterns that no longer work.

Your vulnerability also allows you to accept accountability for your actions.

That will rebuild trust with others.

This card is all about standing on a strong foundation and being open to opportunities.

Being kind to yourself while walking on a new path where you allow others to see the real you.

The Spirit assures you that you will be safe and finally find peace.


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