Play – Beloved One

Play – Beloved One:

The new shift is coming in. It is asking you to play and take a leap of faith.

You have endless possibilities around you.

This shift is where you’ll pick not one but several possibilities before finding an abundant opportunity.

Sometimes, you have to play with your ideas and see which have the potential to flourish.

You’ll have to be willing to take a risk.

Instead of fearing the consequences for taking a risk, have fun taking the leap of faith and see where it takes you.

No one knows how far it’ll take you but have fun taking the first step.

If it doesn’t work out, be very proud of yourself for trying it out.

It doesn’t mean your idea was wrong. It simply means it needs some tweaking and revamping.

You tried is what matters. If you do not try, what would happen? Nothing.

Fears of success and/or failure are another excuse from moving forward. If you fail, you gain a great wisdom and experience. If you succeed, you gain wisdom and experience.

To embrace this shift, honor the commitment in transforming yourself inside and outside.

Be compassionate with yourself in the midst of transition. You are stronger than you think.

Add JOY to the mix of efforts, faith, and patience in attaining your goals. <3


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