Perfect TIMING

Perfect TIMING:

I see weights are lifting from your mind, soul, and body.

This is what honoring your boundaries can do for you.

Not only that it creates healthy balance in the self-esteem but it allows you to create your own space where you can voice your needs and wants freely, live freely, love freely, and be joyful freely.

Most important of all, live fearlessly.

This is a perfect timing to go after your heart’s desires.

This is a perfect timing to be receptive to powerful and clear messages.

Although, the past 9 months were muddy and confusing but it brought you to this point with clarity and certainty about where you’re going next.

Soon, you’ll create and manifest opportunities from the new energy you emitted into the Universe.

This new energy manifests from your devotion to loving yourself and pouring your energy into embracing your Soul.

Actually, it feels like you’re finally getting your Self back.

As we are approaching Full Moon , it is reminding us of our Divine power sitting deeply in our guts and to not be afraid to bring it out again.

Inside of you, there’s a bright ball of Light glowing strongly and it’s coming out.

Nothing will stop you from reaching your highest potential.

No more weights dragging you down.

No more allowing fears have power over you.

You are reclaiming your Divine power.

This is a perfect timing!


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