Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Today Card is Pay Attention to Your Dreams By Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

As Neptune (a planet of intuition and psychic ability) turns direct today after being in retrograde for the past 5 months, the veil, fogginess and confusion will lift.

You’ll see clarity within relationships, internal, and external.

This card is very apropos with the Neptune turning direct.

It is likely you’ll have vivid dreams showing your deepest fears about a certain person, job, home, or situation.

When you wake up, you’ll immediately see what’s hindering you from seeing the goodness and Love in others.

You’ll also see solutions about how to move forward in a loving way in your relationships.

From now on, you’ll see the Truth with Love in your heart.

2The past 5 months has been full of lessons on what isn’t working anymore and now you’re pushing yourself forward with more confidence you gained from the experiences.

Although, the experiences were painful, however, it shows you how worthy you are to have best kind of Love, respect, and honor.

The experiences also show you to see kindness in yourself and others so you might live in peace.

Another message with this card is not ever, ever give up on your dreams. You can still reach your dreams. It can be accomplished with hard work, faith, and patience.

It’ll become reality if you truly want it.

With the Neptune stations direct, you’ll be able to receive insightful and inspiring guidance on how to get there. Have a beautiful day, beautiful souls. <3

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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