Past-Life issue

Past-Life issue: Your angel guides are desiring that you listen to your body and heart.

Is your body telling you something about the negative situation and relationship that you may be in?

Did you know that our past life issues can affect our current life issues?

When you ask your angels to help guide you through this “darkness” and bring the light back in they

will do this for you since they love you unconditionally.

The guidance and messages from your angel guides will come to you either in your dreams,

in visions or the knowing while you are meditating,

or places that you know you have been or a long forgotten memory floats in your head and heart.

As these memories, visions or the knowings surface they can bring about deep emotion of pain for you and you may burst into tears.

This releasing is a healing for you of that past life issue as soon as you release that emotion or pain a shift occurs in you one of peace and joy!

That situation that occurred in your past that was brought up in your now was for your healing for letting go and moving on.

Remember what you learned from this experience because you can now help someone

you love who may be facing some past situation in their now so they too can move forward.

We are here to help each other.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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