Past-Life Healing

Past-Life Healing:

While going through disillusionment, you might receive some clarity or spark of insights.

Although, it might be small but it is enough to sustain your faith and motivate you to move forward.

Immediate manifestations and synchronicities are also high likely occurring. Those are signs that you’re on the right track.

Energy-wise, there is a need to clear out clutter around home and your physical being.

Sometimes, when one is going through different kind of experiences and energies, it could build up like dust bunnies behind your bed frame.

You could sense the ‘icky’ energy in your room and your body.

To infuse new energy into your room and body, cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping, and smudging are few instances to get rid of energies lingering in your room.

Smudging is for clearing gunk out of your energy field.

It is a sacred practice connecting with the Universe and your spirit.

It also send message to the Universe that you are no longer allowing your past shadow your life and happiness.

With the illusion falling apart, you are also breaking out of the painful past life memories.

Whether it is in the past lifetime or current lifetime, it still holds a dark cloud above your spirit.

Smudging or any other methods of your liking communicates with the Universe to clear out the hurt and grudges you might have been holding on from the past.

Keep hanging in there. Healing does not work overnight. It might be quicker for some but it might be a bit longer for others.

Regardless of the length it takes, as long as you acknowledge and actively participate in healing, you are doing amazing!


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