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  • Free Daily Reading July 2nd (REVEAL)

    MESSAGES REVEALED Thank you for participating in today’s reading! Which Card did you choose? Each gives insight into your current situation, emotion or thought. Please SHARE today‚Äôs guidance with others so they too can gain insight on their path, and ensure you like my page to receive daily guidance in these free mini readings! Keep […]

  • Treasure Island 9

    Treasure Island: Spirit is sharing with me that the open treasure shows that you have unlocked the path to abundance in your life. The treasures coming out are small which for me represents small signs and synchrono cities in your life that the Universe has been showing you to help you feel confident about the […]

  • Decide To Be Happy Now

    Decide To Be Happy Now: A lovely message from Archangel Michael this evening. The Angels are bringing you the answers to your prayers, but they ask you to keep your focus on the present moment, allow happiness to bloom beneath your feet instead of waiting for some future scenario to make you happy. Make a […]

  • Herne The Hunter

    Herne The Hunter: Today’s energy is a sign that things ARE moving forward. The energy is in forward motion although it may feel slow, we must remember that Mercury is direct but still in shadow. So until Mercury exits shadow things will be slow moving but the most imprtant perspective to have is that THINGS […]

  • Explore Your Options

    Explore Your Options: Are you feeling that, things are not moving in any particular area of your life? Are you feeling stuck, and questioning that inspite of putting so much efforts why is it that you are not getting results?? Dear ones, this is an answer to many such questions that has flooded your minds […]

  • Waves Of Prosperity

    Waves Of Prosperity: There is an intense energy in the collective energies, which are triggering your old fears and old thinking patterns. Instead of giving your personal power away and feeding into the fears in the collective energies, transform the energy into feeding your inner power. There is no absolutely reason to be fearful. There […]

  • Truth, The Revelation Of Truth

    Some clarity and revelation of Truth coming your way. If you are confused or unable to decide on something then wait this week as some info and clarity is coming towards you and then take your final decision. ?? Its Time to awaken your spiritual & cosmic consciousness. Tight your boots and take it as […]


    Partnerships & Alliances – ??This card says that now you are starting to see fruits of your labor take seed and blossom. Many new opportunities coming your way and new connections is on the cards with a common goal to flourish together?? ??Trust your instincts and go ahead . There may be still a lot […]

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