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  • Angel Therapy From ARCHANGEL Raphael

    Angel Therapy: Feeling like you have world’s problems and stress on your shoulders? As you took one last time looking back, you cringed and remembered the painful experiences. Thus, the doubt for a chance at happiness is screaming aloud at you. Remember that everything happens for a reason. It leads you up to this point […]

  • Free Daily Reading Sept 10th (REVEAL)

    Free Daily Reading Sept 10th (REVEAL) by NANCY FORTIER PSYCHIC MEDIUM MESSAGES REVEALED Which Image did you choose earlier? Each gives insight into your current situation, emotion, thought and question. Thank you for participating and for sharing these daily posts, you are appreciated. Please SHARE today’s guidance with others so they too can gain insight […]

  • Look For a SIGN

    Look For a SIGN: The angels have been urging me to share this message with you now … “Look for a Sign” Whatever you may be facing today, or in recent time, the angels are with you. They hear & are acknowledging the question that you’re wondering, or concerned about. Give the angels your worries, […]

  • Butterfly MAIDEN, Transformation

    Butterfly MAIDEN, Transformation: No one ever said that going through a life transition is easy. Right now, it might feel extremely uncomfortable mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This is only for temporarily. Nothing is permanent. The transformation of Self itself is a part of the healing process. It is natural to experience uncomfortable body changes […]

  • Today Card Is Manifestation

    Manifestation: Ah! Another manifestation card. Well, the Spirit is broadcasting their message very clearly. If you haven’t set your intentions yesterday, please do so right away! I cannot emphasis enough about how the Spirit is urging you to organize your manifestations and rolling your sleeves to begin your manifesting work! Yes, writing down your intentions […]


    Law of ATTRACTION: The energy that you radiate reflects directly back to you … Like attracts like. This is a general rule within the Universe (& chemistry for those of us that have taken many a course!). – This card clearly is the next step & most logical from the previous cards drawn since the […]


    TAROT SCOPES FOR SEPT 10TH TO SEPT 16TH by NANCY FORTIER PSYCHIC MEDIUM Weekly Tarot Scopes For Sept 10th To Sept 16th. What’s your Astrology sign? Here is your weekly Tarot scope. Select your Astro sign and read Please SHARE today’s guidance with others so they too can gain insight on their path, and ensure […]


    Make A COMMITMENT: Anything you set your eyes upon goals or intentions, the only way it will succeed if you make a commitment to it. Consistency is also another major key to succeed at anything you set a goal. Nothing will come or resolved overnight but being consistent and committed to it will break through […]

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