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  • You’re on the RIGHT PATH

    You’re on the RIGHT PATH: “Stay in the present and enjoy it.” I am sensing a bit of anxiety in stomach. The energy is scattered and you might be questioning whether you’re on the right path. You are definitely on the right path. Don’t allow the current energy distract you from focusing on your purpose […]

  • Spread Your WINGS!

    Spread Your WINGS!: Opening your heart chakra from guidance on yesterday, this card indicates that regardless you might feel fearful but it is good timing to dive in the new journey you are in. Archangels are assuring you that you are SAFE. Completely SAFE because it’s a gift from God. They want you to accept […]


    PERSPECTIVE: This card is a reminder to not blow things out of proportion. Things might seem not to be what you thought they would turn out…eventually. You might be going through a bad spell the past few days but it will not end up the way you visualizes it. Nothing is permanent. Life is always […]

  • Free Daily Reading Sept 11th (REVEAL)

    Free Daily Reading Sept 11th (REVEAL) by NANCY FORTIER PSYCHIC MEDIUM MESSAGES REVEAL Good Evening everyone Which did you choose earlier? Below are your messages revealed. Each gives insight into your current situation, emotion, thought and question. Thank you for participating and for sharing these daily posts, you are appreciated. Please SHARE today’s guidance with […]

  • Changing Your MIND

    Changing Your MIND: What a wonderful card for helping us to attract abundance in our life. The angels through this card says that all of us always have the option to change our mind and make a different choice. The angels say that from the first time you decide till the time you decide to […]

  • Self-Respect I honor and love myself

    Self-Respect: The angels are reminding you that it’s time to take care of YOU… Your feelings, emotions, needs, wishes, and expectations all require a certain level of self-respect…without it, your actions, and sometimes reactions, become compromised. Before you love anyone else, it is important to love and care for yourself. In doing so, you amplify […]


    Passion: Courageous and bold themes continue today. Those are perfect energies to supplement your passion. Today we have a Pink Moon blessing us to set new intentions and opportunity to follow our passion. It is an excellent timing to cemented down your passion. Passion is your fire under your butt to move forward with your […]

  • Dream BIG, Let go of small thoughts about yourself!

    Dream BIG, Let go of small thoughts about yourself! Empowerment theme continues with this beautiful and assuring card that your success is within a hand’s reach. Full Moon has an undeniable energy where it become a magnet for fears and negativity. Naturally, it attracts negativity and brought up onto the surface. If you are finding […]

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