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  • Free Daily Reading March 30 (REVEAL)

    Free Daily Reading March 30 (REVEAL) by NANCY FORTIER PSYCHIC MEDIUM MESSAGES REVEALED Which Image did you choose earlier? Each gives insight into your current situation, emotion, thought and question. Please SHARE today’s guidance with others so they too can gain insight on their path, and ensure you like my page to receive daily guidance […]

  • METATRoN, Divine Intelligence

    METATRoN, Divine Intelligence: This archangel is one to help you connect with the universe. Metatron has his sacred geometry symbol, the Merkaba or called the Metatron Cube. This divine angel is also called the “teaching angel” because he brings to you knowledge of the divine and the universe. You may ask him to connect with […]

  • The Situation Will IMPROVE

    The Situation Will IMPROVE: Your angel guides are always with you no matter what. And did you ask them to help you through this situation as of yet? They will give you signs, messages or you will get a knowing of how to proceed, or you will get feeling of their presence. Have no fear […]

  • PEER PRESSURE, Primula/Primrose

    PEER PRESSURE: Your angel guides are with you since you asked for guidance with this situation. Are you finding your self surrounded by the “do gooders” and you are confused by knowing what is right for you to do and knowing that you are going against what they want you to do? What is your […]

  • Free Daily Reading March 30

    Oracle Card Reading Take a moment to centre yourself as you ask for guidance from the Oracle cards, comment below which Image you choose. I will reveal the messages a little later today so make sure you have notifications for my page turned on. Thank you for participating and sharing my posts, your support and […]

  • Visionary, you are learning to synthesize all of your creative ideas into action

    Visionary: You are a visionary, and what would the world do without visionaries? You are truly plugged into the infinite source of all things creative and grand. You get original, creative, and inspiring ideas that practically come out of nowhere! You are truly an inspiration to others, and they look to you for guidance and […]

  • Divine Channel, You are a divine channel.

    Divine Channel; Are you second guessing your ability to interpret messages that help awaken the consciousness of others? Whether or not you are fully aware of this gift, you are definitely a channel for Source to work through you and assist others. Remember, that you are connecting to something much greater than your personality self. […]

  • Free Daily Reading March 24 (REVEAL)

    Free Daily Reading March 24 (REVEAL) by NANCY FORTIER PSYCHIC MEDIUM Thank you for participating in today’s reading! Earlier today you chose candle flame 1, 2, 3 or 4, below are the messages revealed. Each gives insight into your current situation, emotion or thought. Please SHARE today’s guidance with others so they too can gain […]

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