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  • Energy-Healing work

    Energy-Healing work: This is a good time to receive energy healing work! Your energy field feels depleted, which only happens when we are fighting ourselves, or we are trying to give our own energy away to others by letting them have more of our time and attention than needed. Reiki, Quantum Touch, Crystal therapy, EFT, […]

  • Dragonfly, Have confidence during this time of great joy

    Dragonfly: What an auspicious card to make an appearance today! I don’t know how many times in recent months I have heard people mention dragonflies or say they have had dragonflies land on them! I have certainly been seeing them in my visions and now here he is again, reminding you that the angels are […]

  • Sweeping Sister Willow

    Sweeping Sister Willow: We are in a great shift of energies today, A great time ahead indeed. There plenty to be joyful about as you all have come such a long way and now is time to come into your own true sense of self and power to reclaim. By allowing ourselves to cleanse and […]

  • Laughter Is The BEST MEDICINE

    Laughter Is The BEST MEDICINE: Archangel Raphael is the angel to call upon for healing and to bring some humor into your life. Have you been so caught up in this drama that you have forgotten your way? Family or work related drama can really stress you out and bring your energy level down. When […]

  • HAPPY FAMILY, from the Energy Oracle Cards deck

    HAPPY FAMILY: Today’s card comes to you from the Energy Oracle Cards deck, one of my absolute favs. “Happy Family” is the focus and no surprise perhaps with the incredible shifts most if us have been going through with our friends and family as we keep raising our personal vibrations. We may feel the need […]

  • HONEYMOON, Enjoy the bliss of holiday time together

    HONEYMOON: This card is mainly about finding your space of bliss without attachments. When you’re content with what you have and who you are, you’ve found your bliss. Spending time in solitude builds up your inner strength and self-love because if you enjoy your own company, you’ve achieved inner peace with your current life- single […]


    LIFE FORCE ENERGY: It is time to engage in activities that rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Are you feeling like life’s circumstances are taking a toll on your energy, or physical and emotional well-being? It is time to restore your mind, body, and soul through experiences that add to your Life Force Energy and […]

  • MOON, Pay attention to you intuition at this time

    MOON, Pay attention to you intuition at this time and more ahead confidently. The Moon card indicates that your intuition is very strong at the moment. If your intuition is resonating with this card right now, the angles want you to know that you are right to rely upon your gut feelings, dreams that seem […]

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