Don’t Compromise

OMG!! This card message literally jumped out within no time! Just two days ago had posted a message from St. Agnes of Rome. Seems like St. Agnes is trying to… Read more »

Sharing of Yourself

Any projects you may hold to the highest esteem may not turn out exactly as planned when going from the drawing board, moving into production but know that the eccentricities… Read more »

Everything is okay.

You have the courage to bring yourself into the light. Don’t let your doubts control you. Don’t let your fear, jealousy control you. You are above them. You are divine… Read more »

Gifts From God

Right now the answers to your prayers await your willing receptivity. Your Creator will that you be happy, healthy, secure and that all your needs be provided. Love is sent… Read more »

The Queen Of Cups

In general the women in your life respect and love you. know that no matter how difficult it may seem right now, you are loved. In regards to work, it’s… Read more »