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  • LADY NADA, Heart Awakening

    LADY NADA: Your guides are watching over you and they want you all to know how to experience freedom by choosing to open your heart ??? Whenever we are hurt, we tend to close our ourselves to give and receive love. We are not able to trust anyone, simply because we had a bad experience […]

  • CELEBRATIONS You are ready to bring new and exciting things into your life

    CELEBRATIONS: Today’s card comes to you from the Fortune Reading Cards, I love the bright colors and illustrations in this deck! So the message is clear, it’s time to start celebrating because new and exciting things are coming into your life! You only have yourself and spirit to thank for the work you’ve done and […]

  • New Career, Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes

    New Career: One of these changes occurring in your life, or something that you’ve been thinking about lately, is A New Career. You are being guided towards what you truly deserve and want in this life. You will not travel alone with this change, you will know your team and your family once again, who […]

  • Welcome The New

    Welcome The New: If today’s card is standing out to you, you are once again being reminded by your angels and spiritual team leaders on the other side, to remain in positive expectation and faith as you now enter into a new era of your life. It’s time to explore your deepest depths and align […]

  • This card is about Harmony

    Hi everyone! Today’s card is about Harmony and harmonious relationships with loving, heart- centered individuals whom you can enjoy your expansion with. In traditional tarot, this card is the Lovers card, so if you are seeing this card and have been keeping firm with your belief that you deserve love, then expect in the very […]

  • CHARIOT, Charge ahead with confidence. Stay strong and focused.

    CHARIOT: “You are a force to be reckoned with! The time is right to make your plans for the future. For some, there will be a spiritual transformation as you triumph over difficulties and successfully pursue goals. Expect some stiff competition, but know that your determination and new-found confidence will see you the winner, even […]

  • GOALS, Progress is positive and personal goals will be achieved.

    GOALS: This card comes to us from the Fortune Reading Cards, Goals! I’m liking all those shiny coins in the picture, a sure sign of the abundance coming to us now as we reach our goals! The oracle says: “A goal you thought was unreachable seems closer than ever. Stay positive and remember criticisms cannot […]

  • Healing Begins

    Healing Begins: Key words: release, heal, assistance, hope. Today’s message from the angels to you is: You are truly emerging into your authentic self, and the more this truth emerges, the greater the healing you experience at the heart level, bringing forth a new level of love and bliss. This energy allows for the emergence […]

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