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  • Two Of GABRIEL

    Two Of GABRIEL: This calls for a time and devote your energy on yourself because within lies a key to abundance. Focus on building yourself up again and everything will falls in the place. This particular relationship does not necessary means a relationship with one another but with yourself. Relationship with Self is utmost important […]

  • Choose Freedom

    Choose Freedom: Choosing freedom is something people often forget. This card indicates on choosing to live freely including thinking freely. Allow your thoughts be free of negativity and it will shift where you will see more potential and possibilities. Choosing freedom is allowing yourself to walk out of that small jail cage you’ve put yourself […]

  • Free Daily Reading May 7

    Good day my Angel family I have a mini selection for you today. Please take a moment and select the image(s) that you are most drawn to. Like this page to ensure that you ‘get notification’ for when I post the message pertinent to your situation (with cards turned over) later this evening. Share with […]

  • Sense Of HUMOR

    Sense Of HUMOR: As soon as I woke up this morning, this image of this AA Michael came across my mind. Not to my surprise this same card wanted to come out. Now this calls to raise our vibrations as we have devote our energy on moving energies and removing lower energies. A lot of […]

  • FREYJA Bold ” Unleash your adventurous Side!

    FREYJA Bold “Unleash your adventurous Side!: Be bold in making a life-altering decision. You have a lot of ideas that you’ve been wanting to try and/or develop it into a part of your life. Whatever you do, don’t back down from your ideas and goals. This is a fierce move for you to move things […]

  • Free Daily Reading April 3rd (REVEAL)

    Free Daily Reading April 3rd (REVEAL)by NANCY FORTIER PSYCHIC MEDIUM MESSAGES REVEALED Which Card did you choose earlier? Each gives insight into your current situation, emotion, thought and question. Thank you for participating and for sharing these daily posts, you are appreciated. Please SHARE today’s guidance with others so they too can gain insight on […]

  • SANCTUARY Privacy, Inviolate personal space

    SANCTUARY: There is currently no space at all, it seems, for you. Even in the bathroom you are likely to be called upon, observed or interrupted. It is time for you and those with whom you share your life to have a discussion about the needs you have at this time for time-out — and […]

  • Love GOD

    Love GOD: On the bottom of this card is “God.” Notice how simple yet exquisite this card is with just two profound words and the bright sunlight illuminating the sky. God is Love and with His Love there is Light! In spiritual truth Love is all that truly exists. We all come from God which […]

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