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  • Body Care (Today Special)

    Body Care : Yes, we know many of you hate to exercise…your media has been unkind to those other than perfect shape models. But please realize this is an illusion–it’s all smoke and mirrors to sell products. It is what you call “fake”. So be true to you and allow yourself to be you in […]

  • Isis PAST LIFE

    PAST LIFE: Are you noticing strange things popping up in your life lately? These odd occurrences would consist of having, meeting someone for the first time but feeling as though you already ‘know’ them, or experiencing flare-ups from physical attributes that create a struggle from time to time in your life. Any one of these […]

  • Expect GOOD Luck!

    Expect GOOD Luck: The Turquoise Angel Feather is presented to you as a symbol of “good fortune”. Turquoise is a blend of blue and green. The new age colour of: ‘The Age of Aquarius’. Good luck comes in many forms but can include financial gain or a windfall, a new opportunity, assistance from just the […]

  • Active the Angelic CHAKRA!

    Active the Angelic CHAKRA: The Lilac Angel Feather is presented to you as a symbol of “Angelic attunement”. In Sanskrit the Fifth Eye Chakra is called “Latata”. It is located at the top of the forehead above the Third and Fourth Eye Chakras. When the Angelic Chakra is fully activated it allows you to become […]

  • MYSTERY, Dress In BLACK!

    MYSTERY, Dress In BLACK! This shield is symbolically presented to you by Archangel Michael as a powerful tool of protection. Black is a colour that contains every colour within itself, absorbing all light that falls on it and gives out nothing. In colour psychology the colour black gives protection from external stressors. It has the […]

  • Positive Expectations

    Positive Expectations: What are you trying to manifest? What blockages are surrounding you? There’s much work going on behind the scenes in making your dreams a reality, while this may not be apparent to you just yet know that what you desire will soon come forward. Today you are asked to keep your thoughts positive […]

  • Alice in a SEA Of TEARS

    Alice in a SEA Of TEARS: You have been through a very emotional time and have finally released your need to hold on. You have let go — or been let go of — and the emotional aftermath has been overwhelming. You are about to see that your sadness can continue to create the rough […]

  • Free Daily Reading March 18 (REVEAL)

    Free Daily Reading March 18 (REVEAL) by NANCY FORTIER PSYCHIC MEDIUM MESSAGES REVEALED Good evening everyone and thank you for participating in today’s CARD READING. I do hope yours resonates! Angel blessings. I special thank you for Liking and Sharing. More people are being helped as a result. Keep shining bright your light from within […]

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