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  • Today’s Pick 9 Seek

    9 Seek: Today’s card comes to you from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart. In traditional tarot, the Seek card is the Hermit card, indicating you need some quiet reflective time to get clear about your needs and what you want to manifest in your life regarding relationships. What you’re seeking is seeking you, as […]

  • Free Daily Reading May 10

    Hello, Everyone Did you know the owl totem animal represents wisdom and a strong intuitive trait. Like, comment and share is appreciated the owl you are most drawn to and I hope your week is going well. Please share this post so as many people as possible get to see what message their choice has […]

  • Holiday – You are going on an overseas trip.

    Holiday, You are going on an overseas trip: Today’s energy is really about being gentle with yourself. It’s very important you release anything that is not helping you to achieve or fulfill this year’s goals, hopes and dreams. Spirit is reminding us to take our time and to be patient. Make sure you are nourishing […]

  • RAVENS – The Magician

    RAVENS: The Universe is trying to guide you and you’re eyes are closed to the synchronocities that are playing out before you. If you do not open your eyes you will be missing out on opportunities that have been orchestrated just for you. Spirit is saying “open your eyes”. Pay attention to the chaos around […]


    Balance: It is bringing out the intense feelings. You might be feeling emotional or ultra sensitive today. You might be reflecting on your progress and the past lessons you overcame since the beginning of this year. You also might be beating yourself up for not making enough efforts to transform yourself. Or perhaps you are […]

  • You’ll Know in the Morning

    You’ll Know in the Morning: This card obviously indicates or is hinting at an answer to a question you’ve asked. There’s been something that has been bothering you lately, or you have to make a tough choice and need an answer quickly from your angels. Well, this card tells you, you will get an answer […]

  • Today’s Pick SUPPORT

    SUPPORT: This card carries a strong message for you. You’re being supported whether you feel it or not but you are supported and watched over by the Spirit, Universe, and Angels. It is critical to tune in to the messages you receive in a dream or daydream as well as reading the signs around you. […]

  • Free Daily Reading May 9

    Hello everyone! <3 today am going to reveal card’s 2 time so Here is Angel Answers Oracle Card Reading .   Take a moment to centre yourself as you ask for guidance from the oracle cards, then choose the angel wing you wish to receive a message from. Use your intuition and feel where your […]

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