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  • Nine Of SUMMER

    Nine Of SUMMER: The Fairies asks you to fill your heart with childlike wonder and be ready: all your wishes are coming true! One way to make your dreams happen, says the Fairies, is to write them down on a pieve of paper, visualise a bright light surrounding this paper then put it in a […]

  • PLAYFULNESS – To Recapture Romance

    PLAYFULNESS: With today’s card the Angels want to help you fall in love with life again. They are guiding you to enjoy yourself from a spirit of joy and adventure. Do you remember when was the last time you had good fun? If not, then it’s overdue and you need to try add some on […]

  • Your Wishes Are Coming TRUE

    Your Wishes Are Coming TRUE: Your dreams will soon be reality. Continue to focus your attention upon your goals and the outcome you desire. Imagine yourself already happy, fulfilled and loved. Whatever your goals are, visualize them, see that success you are seeking, feel that car you wish to drive or imagine the love you […]

  • Free Daily Reading May 11

    FREE SPIRIT ELEMENT READING <3 Focus and Choose one or more Spirit Elements below and receive a message on your spiritual path, then comment it below. I will reveal the messages a little later today so make sure you have notifications for my page turned on. Thank you for participating and sharing my posts, your […]

  • Do Some RESEARCH

    Do Some RESEARCH: Today the Fairies remind you that with any decisions in your life, you need first to gather all necessary information before moving ahead. This card shows that you’re trying to make a decision but you are missing the full picture of the situation. The fairies advise you to take some time doing […]


    GIVING and RECEIVING: Do you feel you’re being used and unappreciated? If this is the case, you need to start noticing opportunities where you can receive, which will balance with your giving tendencies. If you do not get the cooperation and support of others around you, ask Mother Mary for help and she will heal […]

  • Manifesting Dreams

    Manifesting Dreams: Today’s energy is asking you to keep your chin up and focused on the big picture. Spirit is reminding us to stay present in the here and now but to make sure we are looking at where we are going so that we can make choices that support our Big Picture. This card […]


    Gentleness: You are being asked to be gentle with yourself. I sense the worst times are almost behind you but be gentle with yourself as you’re releasing the residue of the past. In the meantime, surround yourself with positive and loving people. It will help raise and sustain your vibrations at a high level. When […]

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