Green Man – Synergy

Green Man – Synergy: You have an incredible opportunity of positive energy to become more abundant in your life! The green man is suggesting that at this time, everything is… Read more »

Angel Of Emergence

Angel Of Emergence: This is the start of a wondrous transformation that is about to occur in your life. For far too long now, you have felt second best and… Read more »

Heavenly Signs

Heavenly Signs: Have you been seeing a lot of butterflies lately? This message comes to you as one of many signs you’re receiving from above to let you know that… Read more »

49 Green Torus

49 Green Torus: Message: This green torus snuggled comfortably within a nest of flowers is both dynamic and passive. Its revolving magnetic energy invites you to move into the green… Read more »

Intuition And Insight

Intuition And Insight: Your intuitive abilities are very accurate right now, so you can trust your guidance to lead you in the right direction. Follow your own insights over the… Read more »