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  • The High Priestess – Intuition

    The High Priestess – Intuition: Today’s energy reflects one of wisdom. Today we are being reminded to again reflect and go onwards and tap into our own inner wisdom. Spirit wants us to assess our experiences and own the valuable lessons/ experiences that we’ve learned from. We are being asked to harness that knowledge and […]

  • Gratitude – Honor the Sacred in Every Creation

    Gratitude – Honor the Sacred in Every Creation: The Corn Goddess is one of your guides who is helping you see all the beauty around you and to feel grateful for all that you have and are. Are you thinking “lack” instead of abundance? Did you forget to thank your creator for all the blessings […]

  • Today Card is – INVISIBLE

    INVISIBLE: Do you feel like you just do not belong and are confused about it? How is this one, are you feeling like no one is seeing you for who you really are? Are you wearing the Harry Potter cloak of invisibility’? Why do you like wearing it? You came here to Earth to be […]

  • Past-Life Healing

    Past-Life Healing: While going through disillusionment, you might receive some clarity or spark of insights. Although, it might be small but it is enough to sustain your faith and motivate you to move forward. Immediate manifestations and synchronicities are also high likely occurring. Those are signs that you’re on the right track. Energy-wise, there is […]

  • You Are Understood

    You Are Understood: You might be asking yourself whether you’ll find someone who understand who you are or understand what you’re going through but be assured that you’re exactly where you are right now in your life. You might be feeling like you’re on the floor of ocean overwhelmed with emotions but it is a […]

  • Free Daily Reading Oct 15th (REVEAL)

    Free Daily Reading Oct 15th (REVEAL) by Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium MESSAGE REVEALED Which Picture did you choose? Thank you for participating and for sharing with others! Your support is appreciated Please SHARE today’s guidance with others so they too can gain insight on their path, and ensure you like my page to receive daily […]

  • LIGHT – Imagine Yourself As A Being Composed of ENERGY

    LIGHT – Imagine Yourself As A Being Composed of ENERGY: There is a deep transformation going on. Intuition is also heightened. It is very important to pay attention very carefully to the intuitive nudges and messages today. Deep inner fire is igniting and it’ll burn bigger as you go toward what is integrity to you. […]

  • Seven Of CUPS

    Seven Of CUPS: Today’s energy wanted to really be aware of choices and how we choose. Are we choosing from emotion or are we choosing from a grounded and stable state of combined logic and emotion? With a lot of emphasis on relationships this card is really asking us to now start to make changes […]

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