Cancel, Clear, Delet

Cancel, Clear, Delet: Your archangel guides desire that you speak with positive words and actions. If you have said or thought negatively you can immediately say, “cancel , clear, delete”… Read more »

Strength, Archangel Ariel

Strength: Setbacks are okay and it shouldn’t be taken personally because that’s what happens when you are pushing your boundaries. Sometimes, old doubts hold you back. Tell yourself that, “It’s… Read more »

Abundance of Sothis

Abundance of Sothis: This card comes to you as a signal to expect increased flow of Abundance in your life. You have been through times recently (and for what may… Read more »

Agent or Manager

Agent or Manager: The angels see that many of you are shy of displaying their talents and gifts to the Universe and fear rejection or criticism. Remember that your work… Read more »