Speeches And SPEAKING

Speeches And SPEAKING: You are being guided by Archangel Gabriel who is the angel of speaking your truth. You are very gifted with healing in your voice pitch and speech…. Read more »

Sing Your Song

Sing Your Song: Are you singing your song these days? Did you know that you speak out by singing your words of wisdom? Do you notice the birds that seem… Read more »

Queen Of WATER

Queen Of WATER: “Queen of Water” card is all about self-confidence and knowing your potential. The past few weeks were muddily and illusionary but yesterday, you’ve gained profound insight. This… Read more »

PEACE From Archangel AZRAEL

PEACE: This card is very appropriate considering after yesterday’s guidance because this is an indication that you have been hard on yourself. To begin your healing work, releasing the self-critical… Read more »