Let Your Past Go

Let Your Past Go: Assuredly, making choice to move forward from fear-inducing situations, people, and space is always for your highest good. It is easy to get lost in the… Read more »

Explore Your Options

Explore Your Options: Are you feeling that, things are not moving in any particular area of your life? Are you feeling stuck, and questioning that inspite of putting so much… Read more »

Trustworthy Friends

Trustworthy Friends: I asked the angels today, “what needs to be our main focus for the 2017?”, and out popped “Trustworthy Friends”, indicating to stay focused on the worthwhile friendships… Read more »

New Moon 27th Jan

New Moon in Aquarius January 27/28, 2017 Alright Aquarius season is upon us and same as the sun follows the new moon in this evolutionary constellation. We have much to… Read more »