Page of Bows, Stoat

Page of Bows: I know some of us do not have the best memories of Christmas from our childhood,

and some do not even celebrate Christmas…

But neither of these things matter now.

The “Page of Bows, Stoat”, begins with a very child like energy.

Curiosity, wonder, excitment, joy.

This is a great time of the year for these feelings.

If the past is coming up, address it.

Heal it.

If you are ready to move on…

Move on.

Christmas and this holiday season are about releasing your inner child,

not taking life so serious, giving as well as being open to receiving.

The stoat is a type of weasel, showing us the three sacred colors of Spirit…

White, red and black.

The Holy Trinity.

The Mother, Father, and Son.

Three separate energies merging together…

Yet still, the Son or Child is most important here.

Merging our chaotic adult life with the innocence and wonder of a child’s, is key.

Most children are closer connected than the average adult.

Reconnect with your inner child.

Bring that energy of love and playfulness and curiosity into the present.

Side note…

Bows represent fire, passion and creativity, also linking strongly with the aspect of the Child.


Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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