Open Up 4.

Open Up : Your angel guides ask that you Open Up because you have closed yourself off from spirit in receiving loving energy.

“You have asked for our help dear one yet you block your self from receiving our help.

” Are you fearful of us dear one have you been hurt by someone or people?”

Are you so sensitive to the energies out there that you prefer to receive none at all?

Did you know that YOU can ask your angel and spirit guides to protect you from the harsh energies,

and pain as well as from other people’s negativity?

When you ask they will do for you since they love you unconditionally and want you to have a wonderful loving life.

So first protect yourself AND open your self UP to receive the loving energy

your angel guides are waiting to fill you with AND from other loving people that will enter your life.

When you ask and are protected YOU will be able to tell the difference from negative energy and positive energy.

YOU will know how to feel great high vibration good loving and lots of energy is when you receive positive energy and the low vibing lethargy feeling,

pain and not caring is the negative energy received.

Which one do you want for YOU?

Are you going to OPEN UP or STAY CLOSED it is your choice?

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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