Oceana, Take action. You’re in touch with your truth in this situation.

Oceana: Hello Beautiful Souls! Wishing you a very blessed and inspiring New Moon.

Our message from Oceana is a huge YES, you are on the right path and it’s time to take action toward making your dreams a reality.

During a New Moon it’s an optimal time to start a new project,

jot down your goals or dreams, and bring new energy into a situation or project that you have been wanting to start.

Anything that you would like to experience in your future needs a beginning and that can start with the smallest steps forward.

Oceana is guiding you to overcome any doubts and avoid procrastination!

You are so worthy of your dreams.

So if you have been feeling overwhelmed or tired, try approaching your goals one step at a time.

By breaking down your big dreams into practical steps you allow yourself to use your energy optimally…this way you will not burn out!

Connect with Oceana by asking her to assist you with utilizing the New Moon energies!

Oceana says that you can easily connect with her while listening to the ocean

(such as going on YouTube and listening to the healing sound of the ocean).

Much love & blessings

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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