Observe – Hanged Man in traditional tarot

Observe – Hanged Man in traditional tarot:

It’s time for you to surrender! All your hopes and dreams are about to come true!

But you’re being asked to surrender any lasting feelings of blame and doubt as you are about to step into a new way of loving.

Shift any lingering fears you have related to your love life.

Go deep within your heart to explore anything that needs to be released or given more love.

Observe your life with loving detachment towards others and allow the new relationships coming into your life to flow and bloom naturally.

You are ready!

“A new understanding around matters of the heart is waiting to be revealed to you.

Be still and observant. Now is not the time to take action. Instead, take a step back and wait. Reflect upon the relationship or issues.

Release the need or desire to direct relationships and simply go with the course of events.

When you surrender to the experience, you learn a great deal and ultimately get what you truly need.

Although forward progress may appear to be slow, now is the time for patience.

All things come in the appropriate time and cycle.

Progress in improving a current relationship or finding a new relationship will happen when the time and energies are right.

When you’re open and receptive to the needed change, it will happen.”

Affirmation: I now take a step back and observe my situation in a new light.

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