New Moon 27th Jan

Trumps controversial quote “grab em by the pussy” is faced with a retaliating movement of women “rockin’ it out with their cocks out”.

(rooster pun) Matriarchs are seizing the day.

Women are inspiring us to wake up to new beginnings and this new moon in Aquarius is in full support of just that.

The Sabian symbol for 8 degrees Aquarius is “a book in which the words keep changing”(I will leave a link for full depiction bellow).

The future is uncertain and unpredictable, nothing is written, and everything can change in the blink of an eye.

This uncertainty can leave us feeling stressed and in fear, who knows what repercussions a Trump presidency will have.

All kinds of projections are filling our minds, but this is where Venus square Saturn is here to help.

Venus is the heart and Saturn is the head, Venus is an agent of attraction and Saturn is an agent of karma.

The pages where the words keep changing, we scribe our own destiny from the karmic repercussions in which we attract.

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