New Beginnings to Love

“New Beginnings to Love

Ok, so this message just wants to keep coming out and I’m not going to fight it, lol.

The Romance Angels want you to know that you are deserving of great and lasting love and what you have been asking for is on its way.

You are being reminded over and over about this so that you will continue to have faith and keep your vibration high!

If you cannot be patient for things to line up properly for you, you may feel inclined to go back to old thinking habits of unworthiness or lack because you don’t see it as a current manifestation.

Things take time!


Please enjoy each day knowing that you are already whole and complete, you do not need someone to finish you!

The romance that is coming is not like anything you have had before,

it is based upon a great spiritual love that will expand outwards and show you all that you are meant to know in this lifetime.

You are worthy!

Take note of the number 33, which is an angel number indicating that the Ascended Masters are working with you closely and helping you manifest your desires.


The oracle says:

“This door with a heart opens onto a new beginning in your experience with love.

A new love may be arriving and you are being brought together by a strong, resonate connection. This may be from a past life or a strong spiritual connection.

When this card appears, the angels are asking that you make sure you are projecting the kind of self-loving energy that you want to receive.

The door is ready to open. Are you?

And so it is!

Love and Light,

Nancy Fortier

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