New Beginnings, Banksia

New Beginnings: Let’s make it a beginning of staying true to you.

I know this might sounds like a cliché but it is about treating others with kindness just exactly how you would to be treated.

Kindness is heavily emphasized and essential in the time of confusing and uncertainty in the society

BUT you often forget the basic essentials to emotional fulfilling social interactions.

Compassion, empathy, and respect are the basic foundation to create a positive space among you.

It is tempting to watch what’s on the news and what’s going on with politics and ego fears-based platforms.

Make it your goal for this year to shut off the television and media that has been reporting nothing but negativity.

The more we watch, we are giving it energy to manifest fears-based outcomes.

Let it be your new beginning of living and loving in positive space.

Connect with nature and tuning in your heart.

Honor your body needs.

Trust your intuition.

Believe you’re being helped and supported.

Find your strength and courage to follow your passion.

Most important of all, let go of outdated attitudes, perspectives, and ego fears because it is creating separation between you and people.

Surround yourself in positive and supportive environment.

MIRACLES flourish in that unity and loving space.

Many blessings

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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