(New Beginning) This Card Is For You

Message: A new open door will come your direction and your Angels are helping you walk through the door with ease.

You may have felt resistance as of late, or even been trapped, yet here is the fresh start you have been searching for.

Take this risk to assert the freedom you deserve.

Permit yourself to detach from the shows or difficulties that have been stading in your way.

The time has come to move advances.

This card demonstrates that the new open door being presented to you right now is divinely guided.


Whether it be another relationship, home, career or child, grasp and appreciate this exciting and prosperous fresh start that is being brought to you by the Divine.

There is exciting and plentiful light surrounding you now.

Your prayers and positive deduction have revitalized the full backing of the ascended masters, who are lifting you and this situatuion to its most elevated amount and most possible outcome.

Have a super Day,

Continue sparkling brilliant!

Nancy Fortier <3



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