Your peaceful and gentle, your loving and compassionate and this you give freely to the world yet you create limitation within your self young one.

You create blockages and boundaries for yourself.

Not because you effortlessly give love to another human being without fault.

But you fail in return to give that same love back to you.

You go as fluid as rapid waters nurturing all around you but you don’t take the time to come steady and say wait what are my needs.

How can I create even more joy and happiness to myself. Relax a bit and reflect on.

Take the time out to create your self-care and bring in more self-abundance.

Take the time to clear away the old and bring in the higher frequencies of the heart that are waiting for so you can push beyond the limitation blocking you.

By doing so you allow The Goddess Kuan Yin to help replenish you and giving you even more vitality and life force than before.

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