Nancy Fortier


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had spirit hang

out with me and connect with me before I met with the actual client. So that’s a

lot of fun for me, and a lot of times it’s fun for spirit too. They seem to love

connecting to a psychic mediums as much as they love to connect with you. It’s like, “Hey cool! I have someone to talk to.” (giggle)That’s always a lot of fun. Now these

readings are available through Skype and phoneo nly. Now I have had a few people who have

asked if they could do a reading via email or pre-recorded video and that’s

just not possible for me.The reason being is that the way that I

do these readings is I want it to be a conversation between you and the people

on the other side. I feel that I’m doing a great disservice if I hide

behind email or a pre-recorded video, because that way the message is one sided. If there’s

any specific questions that you have,you’re not gonna be able to answer them.

And sometimes, when the spirit talks, they may remind you of something that you

wanted to ask about, or that I might be unsure of, soI may even ask you for validation. Like,

I think

this spirit is saying this to you…does that make sense?” Because I don’t know everything.

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