Nancy Fortier


I need to tell you this message instead. Now 9 times out of 10, Spirit is going to give you some

type of validation so that you can have the assurance that you are, in fact, speaking

to that Spirit that you want to connect with. Which brings me to another point. I also cannot control who comes through.

Most psychic mediums can’t. A lotof times what will happen is that when you come

forward for a reading, what I do is I psychically put outan invitation asking who ever wants

to come forward to please come forward so that they can relay messages of love,

encouragement, comfort and sometimes closure over to you. And you may order a psychic reading with the intent of getting in touch with one person but what you’ll

find is a whole different group of people will show up.  As to why that spirit

may or may not come by and say hello…I really can’t answer that, because it’s

different for everybody. Now most times the spirit that you want to connect with

does show up, so I should probably emphasize that. Most times, they do show

up, and the reason for that is because Spirit communicates with us on a telepathic

level, and so a couple of days before or even a couple of hours or just a few minutes

before your reading, you were putting out the intention, through your thoughts, that you

want to speak to someone specific. Well,in the spirit world, that spirit is

picking up on this, and usually they arehanging out with me before your

reading even begins.

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