Nancy Fortier


If you were to ask me what your loved one looks like or ask for a physical description,that’s not my strong point. That’s not something I’m

usually able to do. Sometimes I can.It really depends on the way Spirit is

coming forward, and how they’representing them selves to me. A lot of

times, what they’ll do is they’ll give me images that means something to help me

interpret the language so that I can present the message to you. A lot of

times, Sprit will come forward and theywill give you the message that you need to

hear, which isn’t always the message that you want to here. With that said, I

also want to let you know that I can not force information out of anybody. So if a spirit comes forward, and your asking me a question, of course I’ll relay that question to the spirit, but sometimes they don’t want to answer. They

won’t give a straight explanation and that can be very frustrating for some people, and it

makes sense that it would be. But again it goes back to this: once people are on the

other side, their priorities may change. So if you are giving questions, trying to

get validation, Spirit may feel that that’s a waste of time and

they’ll be saying,  “We don’t have time for this.

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