Nancy Fortier


However, even though those areemotions that we don’t necessarily want

to deal with, those emotions and being able to get through them, can be very healing

of their own accord. I would caution you and urge you not to run away from those

feelings. The thing I want you to take most out of a psychic mediumship reading

is that your loved ones and your friends and the people you’re wanting to connect

to still exist. They’re okay. They’re on the other side and they are around

you, showering you with the love and the guidance that you’re looking for. You have

a whole team of people cheering for you on the other side. The other thing I

wanted to remind you of is that I am merely an interpreter. You know when you

are watching TV and you turn on the subtitles, you often times see that what

you are watching on TV is also available to read in Spanish or French or in another

language. That’s kind of what I do. I’mable to speak to you here in the

physical world, and at the sametime I am also connected with the spirit world.

So I have kind of a difficult job I have to be in both places at the same time. With that,I have to listen to Spirit and

interpret and communicate to you what Spirit is saying.I don’t see spirit with my eyes. I don’t

hear them with my ears. The way Spirit communicates with me is by putting images

or thoughts into my head, so I will also get different impressions…I’ll feel what

they’re feeling, and I can usually hear them in my mind. They come up as a voice in my mind and I can hear them pretty clearly that way.

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